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Bathroom Construction
July 2006

Landie Worked Very Hard on This New Bathroom

WOW ! Who Knew He Was Also A Carpenter !

Katog Breaks Into Song..... If I Had A Hammmmmmmmer............

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The stud walls started

Toilet installed

Gyproc Going Up

Shelf Goes In

Getting ready for tub.

Ah Hah, There It Is !

4.5 Bath
Oh Boy I Can't Wait

Outer Wall Up

Installing Heat Vent

Yes! Air Comes Out

Tub In Place

Sanding Drywall

Sanding. YUCK !

Drywall Prime

Primer Completed

Sponged Black &
2 Different Greys

Light Installation

Heat Light

2 Lights Above Mirror

3 Lights On Other Wall

Laminate Flooring

Ready To Trim

Floor Completed

Toilet Back In Place

No Sink Yet

Sink Installed

Tub skirt In Place

Twin Shelf Units Installed

Add A Small Cabinet,
A Laundry Hamper &
A Mirror

A Second Shelfing Unit & Another Mirror
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