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Scenery 2001~Present
These photos were taken at various times so
I'm in the process of trying to group them in a somewhat orderly fashion.
Though, Im not very good at that.
( as you will plainly see )

You may have seen a few on our other pages.
Please forgive if there are duplicates.

Single-click the image to enlarge it; double-click to make it small again.

Warm Spring Sky

Typical Lillooet Sky

Fraser River July/06
Facing S.E.
Off Our Front Porch

Aug.06 Looking South
Towards Vancouver
(approx. 260 km.)

Looking North
17 Sept.06

The Clouds Roll In
Over Texas Creek

Seton Lake
Glacier Fed

Carpenter Lake
Man-made Hydro Resevoir

Carpenter Lake
Bridge River Road

Looking Towards
Gold Bridge

Carpenter Lk. Hydro Dam

Bridge Riv. Rd. Heading Back To Lillooet

Gott Creek West

GMC Gott West.jpg

Gott West

Seton Lk From Enterprise

Smoke Over Seton Lake

Smoke On Seton Ridge

There's Flames In There

Above Our Backyard

Still Smoldering!

Cooling Down

Winter Is A Welcome Sight

Dec 18 /06
Fresh Snow
Whose Turn
To Shovel
Is It?


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