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Katog & Landie_UK's Wedding Page   

We were married on the 26th July 2001 at the North Shields Register Office. The Register Office is a

Grade II listed building and was formerly the offices of the Stag Line Ltd. Our ceremony was beautiful, then we adjourned to the balcony and had some photographs taken with the River Tyne in the background. The River Tyne has been an important river in the past. It was used to bring goods in and out of the large city of Newcastle. The river was also one of the larger Shipbuilding areas of the UK. We then had more pictures taken in a small garden area which forms part of Dockwray Square.

Registery Office

The Stag Building

This building was named after the Stag Line Ltd,
a shipping company owned by the Robinson family.
The first owner of the Stag Line Ltd was
Captain John Robinson.

The building was built in 1807 for the Literary and
Philosophical Society a forerunner of a local library. The building was then purchased by the Stag Line Ltd in 1891. It was used by the Stag Line Ltd until 1981.

After it was used by the Stag Line Ltd the building was used as a pub. Then in 1998 it was purchased by North Tyneside Council for use as todays Register Office.

River Tyne

The Shipyards of The River Tyne.

At one time there were 36 shipyards on the
River Tyne now there are 4. On North Tyneside (this side) at Wallsend there are the Amec, Swan Hunter and Appledores shipyards. On South Tyneside at Hebburn there is the Cammel Laird shipyard.

During the height of the British Empire the Tyne was the major British shipbuilding area.

Stan Laurel

The Gardens of Dockwray Square

More of our Wedding Photos were taken here.

Stan Laurel (real name Stanley Arthur Jefferson) has a statue dedicated to him because he lived here with his family from 1895 to 1905. His Father Arthur Jefferson managed some of the theatres in North Shields. Stan worked in these theatres as a stand up comedian in variety shows more commonly known as "Music Hall"

Stan and his family then moved to Glasgow in Scotland. Finally Stan moved to the US where he became famous as Stan Laurel, half of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.

Many thanks to the Gentleman from the Local History Department of North Shields Library

for the above information.

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