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Barnes Lake July 2006
On Our way home from Barkerville we decided to take one more lovely camp.
Landie's mum (Ann) was visiting us during this trip.
The road was one we had never taken before.
A VERY RELIABLE PERSON ( who shall remain nameless [Dave] ) told us the road was good.
No, I didnt take any pictures because the road was too rough and the terrain was ALL TREES.
Tho we must admit, if we hadnt taken that road, Ann wouldn't have a picture of her bear !
So, . . .
Thank you Dave.
At any rate we ended up driving forever and never reaching our intented destination...
We finally decided to stop searching and drove to a place we swore we would never camp again.
Good Ole Barnes Lake

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This will have to
do for the night.

When's dinner?

Ducks are in for the night

Do they know Molly's around?

Sunset & Beer
Perfect way to end the day

Good Mornin Ann
Where ya bin?
(snicker snicker)

No, He was not close.
Ann says, "Its still a bear!"

Next time I'll use the zoom

2005 visit to Barnes lake
Nov. 19

Time for fire

If you take me
off my rope, I promise
not to chase the ducks

Daddy & Molly go for a walk

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