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Molly, Born 13/04/05

Chapter Two
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Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue
Kamloops SPCA
Table Of Contents
Molly Dawg
Chapter One
Kamloops S.P.C.A

I thought I was destined to be a little orphan all my life,


Well, Let me start at the beginning...

         I dont really remember very much of the place where I was born. I've learned that I was at a place called S.P.C.A. when my mom & dad found me. I heard that the people at the S.P.C.A told them I was born in Merrit, B.C. Apparently some people in a car found me and my brothers and sisters sitting beside an old cardboard box by the highway. I remember there was alot of BIG, noisey things that used to fly over head and scare me. Brr, I still shiver with fear when I think of them.

Yes, I've learned alot about people and the things they use in their lives. Cars and trucks mean we go for rides, bridges & highways. Shops & clothing, shoes, socks, toys, outside, house, mats, cookies, mmmm good stuff, dinner! There were so many things to learn in the beginning.
I am now, a very clever dog indeed. Today I am known as Princess Mollydawg!

Ahh, but I digress.

         There was 5 of us pups altogther. I guess maybe we got lost out there because I dont remember how we got there. Anyway there was some nice car people that drove along and picked us all up and brought us to the Kamloops S.P.C.A. We were all 5, there together for a few weeks. It wasn't too bad because we got to cuddle up on a nice soft blanket instead of the gravel by the highway. There was lots of food and fresh water so we didn't have to eat roadside pebbles anymore. I liked it way better than the side of the highway. These people were very, very nice to us. I must admitt though, being in the big concrete building was very scarey. There were alot of big iron bars and other dogs all around. Some were very big and some whined or barked alot. I was a bit frightened at times.

         Every once in awhile I heard the peoples voices. Then the big door would open and peoples would come to play with us. One by one different strange people came in and took by brothers and sisters away. At first they always brought them back. Then one by one they never did. I don't know where they went, but I was happy, at least, that I still had my one big brother with me. My brother and I played and had lots of fun for weeks.

Then one day it happened.

         Some very nice people came in and laughed and played with my brother and I. When they put me back in the big cage, they forgot to put my brother back to. I layed on the cold concrete floor waiting for my brother to come back. I could tell it was getting close to dinner time but he still wasnt back. It took me a little while to realize it, but I finally knew, they had taken my brother away too.
I was SO sad and lonely.

         I layed beside my cage and pouted and tried not to toss and turn to much. I layed very still so I could hear if they brought him back. They didn't. Much later that same day, I heard voices and the big door opened again. I pricked my ears up and edged closer to my cage door, to see if I could smell my brother. I couldn't, nor did I see the same people.
Again is was more strangers. I layed back down and didnt even look at them. I was very sad. I heard the lady people say she thought I looked sick but the man said, "She looks sad." I knew he was right but I didnt feel much like playing so I just layed there staring up at them. They talked for a long while with the lady who gave me food everyday. She was a happy lady and she made me feel good.
They put their fingers through the cage and I could smell them better. They sorta smelled real good,and kinda tastey when I licked them, but I wanted my brother back.

        It was just about then that the new strangers asked the good lady if she would open the cage door. I felt a sudden excitement in me and I jumped up on the door in hopes of getting to see my brother again. The new lady picked me up in her arms and cuddled me. She smelled different and I wasnt sure what I should do. They both patted me and talked to me in strange, yet calm, soft voices. They cuddled me, and kissed me, and I licked them to see what they tasted like. They made me feel good and I couldn't stop licking them and wagging my tail. They talked to the good lady for a long time. They seemed happy and excited. Then suddenly they put me back in my cage and went back out through the big door.
I felt strange and cold and suddenly very, very scared and alone. I ran back to the corner of pen onto my blanket and curled up. I tried to make myself comfortable.

Finally, I fell fast asleep . . .

         I had been asleep for a long time and I knew it was time for my dinner. My tummy rumbled and I wondered how long it would be before the lady came in to bring it to me. I could smell the other dog's and hear them already eating. There was a familiar sound coming from behind the big door and for a moment it distracted me from my tummies rumblings. I was certain I had heard the voices before but they were only vaguely familar to me. Just about then the feeding lady walked quickly through the door. I recognized the bowl she was holding and knew it was my dinner. She talked to me again in her soft tone but somehow it sounded a bit different this time. I wasn't sure why, and it didnt really matter. She had my bowl of dinner and I was hungry. When she set it down for me, she kept talking and stroked me very softly. I tried to ignore her but when I looked into my bowl I couldn't believe what I saw! Had she lost her mind? Did she forget I was a growing little puppy and I needed my nourishment? There was barely a small pawful of kibbles in this bowl. I was surely going to starve to death this night.
I certainly wasn't going to complain. I knew what my tummy wanted, so I gobbled up every last one of those kibbles.

        When I was finished I licked my lips and looked at her with the saddest little puppy dog eyes I could muster up. I had seen each one of my brothers and sisters play this game with people who had come to visit us before. Each time they played it, the people always gave them a special treat and I wanted one now. I even put my tiny little puppy paws up onto her lap.
Now, how could she resist this temptation. Instead, she only talked soft to me and kept patting my head.
I was trying my best to plead for more to ease my tummy rumbles. I looked straight into her eyes so she could understand me. It was then I saw something I hadnt seen before. Her eyes looked different. It was the same kind of different that I noticed in her voice. Though I didnt fully understand what it was, it almost made me forget about my tummy. She slipped me into her arms, snuggled me close to her and buried her face into my fur. It made me feel good untill she started to walk to the big door with me in her arms.

        The good feeling changed and I wanted her to put me back. I could still hear the voices and now they sounded louder, more excited. I wanted to be excited too but I felt afraid and I wanted to go back to my pen. We walked a little further and I could see who the people were. The voices I had heard were the two strangers who had picked me up earlier that day. I was passed into the new lady's arms and the man was talking and playing with papers. I wanted to play with them as well. They made a nice rustling sound and I knew I could chew on them.

        I remembered my brothers and sisters sharing some paper with me. They had found some on the road side and we made a game with it. We all tugged it and chewed it up to peices. As it ripped apart it made a cool tearing sound and I missed playing that game. I guess, I was doing alot of remembering, because the next thing I remember I was with the man and lady and we were going back on the road in a car.

Chapter Two

Table Of Contents
Please Take Me Back To Molly's Mat

I'd Just Like To Watch The Slideshow Please.


Is it always so hot in this place

You want me to CHEW on this bone??

Ohh? It smells ok!

Mmm My mommy's a good cook!

Daddy says this is good for my teefies!

This was my first ever, Toy

Can u bring me my toy please

My Squeaky was in the pool

Damn your gonna follow me here too. Arent Ya

See, I'm Good

Have you seen my tail?

I wonder if I can dig in here?

Look at all the DIRT Daddy brought home for me!

Dirt is Tastey !

Dirt makes me Paws smell SO good.

Flowers are Yummy too

They kinda smell purdy too.

I think I better hide now.