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Beaverdam July 2006
Landie's mum (Ann) was visiting us during this trip.
We thought we'ld take her for one last over night camp before she returned home.
Beaverdamn is about an hours drive from us.
Its usually a quiet place where Molly doesnt need to be on a rope, she can have a good run.
This time we had to keep her tied up due to a bear and her cubs who had been seen roaming the area.
Fortunately they decided to stay away from us this trip.

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Beaverdam Creek

Setting up the Porta Potty

Is she really putting on her sockies?

I think she's after the beer.

I'm gonna git ya Nan

Can you see the tennis ball?

Aww Nan, Your not tired ALREADY. Are ya?
The next pics were taken in 2005. We had a 35 mm cam. & had to scan them. Our appologies for poor quality.

We have Fire !

And Beer !

Where did Molly go?

Im over here Dad. Im saving Mums chair for her.

I think Mum doesn't want this. I'll sip it for her

I think I need some water after that sweet stuff

Come on Molly, We better walk it off

Day Break
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